We have thanked privately, and now wish to thank publicly, the designers and developers of these games and truly wish them the best. We loved developing almost every game we’ve published and each has its special place in our hearts and a page in our ongoing story.

Effective 10 August, 2015, we will cease to manufacture the following games. As their remaindered stock sells out, we will take down their product pages from our website and cease selling these games. Will another publisher pick up these games? Will they reemerge as new editions in the future? Only time will tell!

We will also be having a sale on all the titles listed below starting 7 August, with 30% off each title.

Albion 20 *
Battle of 4 Armies and its expansion
Bulge 20 and its expansion
Bussaco 20 *
Gettysburg: The Wheatfield
Dennewitz 20 *
Gorlitz 20 *
Grossbeeren 20 *
Katzbach 20 *
Operation Veritable
The Drive on Metz
P.K. D-Day American, British, and Canadian Beaches

* May be re-released at a later date as part of a two-game set in the Napoleonic 20 series.