VPG Website Hacked

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VPG Website Hacked

From VPG:

Security Breach at VPG

What was going on

Last week, we detected a cyber attack occurring on our store website and quickly shut down the store to prevent sensitive information from being compromised. Security updates and additional preventive measures were installed over the Fourth of July weekend. The VPG webstore is now up and running again and shows no signs of malicious code or malware.

The security of our customers’ information is taken very seriously and we are committed to helping our customers protect their personal data. To ensure information security following this criminal act against us, new script codes have been implemented and a new credit card processing module has been installed. This module supports hosted forms, meaning that no customer will ever enter a credit card on the VPG website. Any credit card forms will load in an iframe and are hosted on a dedicated protected server. The new scripts will also detect software intrusions on the network and notify us of unauthorized access and unusual activity patterns.

What this means for you

As with all criminal attacks online, we strongly recommend that, if you have purchased a game from the VPG website in the past few weeks, you should contact your bank regarding any potential credit card theft. Fortunately, most banks have checks in place for events such as this, but please do follow up even if you have not received a notice about your credit or debit card being compromised.

Please accept our apologies and know that we are taking all steps to prevent this from happening again.

For more information, email info[at]victorypointgames[dot]com,

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