Preparing to load up for the big move

Packing, Sorting, and Shipping 
The Little Game Company

“As those who stay current on the news from The Little Game Company know, we have been winding down our factory facility and will continue working for you as a “virtual” game publisher. The trucks and vans are pulling up each day it seems, hauling away bits of our old offices, factory, and warehouse. While we will miss our old home on Harbor Boulevard, we won’t miss the escalating costs of our rent and leases. And consider what each of us here at VPG has been spending on highly-taxed California gasoline commuting to and from work, that, alone, was akin to giving each of us working here about a $75 per week/$4,000 per year “raise.”

Pile 'em highAnd higher still

Prepping and packing piles of playable pallets!