VPG – The Crimson Courier: Mid-Month Madness Weekend Sale!

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VPG – The Crimson Courier: Mid-Month Madness Weekend Sale!

By the Staff of Victory Point Games

We are proud to announce our partnership with Reiner Knizia!
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Mid-Month Madness Weekend Sale!

Each “mini” weekend sale we spotlight a selection of our games, classic and more recent, to tempt you to come off the fence and at last try them. This month, April 18th – 19th, we have two games for 25% off. (Each sale runs from 12:01 am Saturday to 11:59 pm Sunday, Pacific standard time.) Read More

Playtesters Wanted

Imperial Stars II, expansion #1

In this epic expansion, both players receive new units, both symmetrical (Defense Satellites, Battle Cruisers) and asymmetrical (Armored Cruisers, Dominators, Steal Frigates, etc.). Read More



Our first partnership with Reiner Knizia

We are proud to announce that we will be publishing a game designed by the legend himself, Reiner Knizia!  Read More

New Releases!

Prussia 20

With Jena 20 2nd Edition and Eylau 20

Prussia 20 features two complete games covering key battles fought in Central Europe during the 1806-1807 War of the Fourth Coalition. Read More

King’s Ransom Deluxe

Now Available

This deluxe version adds an additional 10 new piece types to the game, along with 110 new cards (for a total of 160) and instructions for a four-player variation. Read More

Company News

Dawn of the Zeds 3rd Edition

Whose Zeds Are These, Anyway?

As Beta testing advances at the pace of a speeding Hero, we have a much better idea about what kind of game we have here. Read More

Waterloo 20 2nd Edition

Going Out of Print

With the publishing advent of Hundred Days 20 approaching in late June, it is time to retire Waterloo 20 second edition from our website. Read More

Pros and Con(ventions)

We’re very busy planning for some big conventions this year: ConsimWorld Expo, which will be in the third week of June in Tempe, Arizona; and Boardgame Geek Con in Dallas during November. Read More

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