VPG’s Annual July 4th Sale

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VPG’s Annual July 4th Sale

By the Victory Point Staff

The Crimson Courier

Sale3 July 2014 Edition

VPG’s Annual July 4th Sale in Now Underway!

Yes, it’s that time when VPG is particularly thankful for each and every one of you and your support throughout the year. To celebrate the nation’s birthday with our Made in the USA games, we are having a site-wide sale!

For a limited time from Thursday, July 3 through Sunday, July 6 of 2014, we’re offering 10% off on our entire catalog,every game – every accessory, bagged or boxed. Best of all, this discount does “stack” with your normal Volume Discounts achieved when purchasing $50 or more. That means you’ll save 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, or even 30% off your order!

But Wait, There’s More!

For your added savings benefit, our next big game release, Villainous Vikings, has “gone live” for pre-purchasing during this sale. You can read all about the game in our new article here but only if you pre-order this game will we include a bonus Captain card.

Please note that this game will not be shipping until the week of July 21 and, if you order Villainous Vikings with other games during this sale, they will all ship together after this game’s release.

Getting Your Kicks(tarter)

Shipping Kickstarter games In other news, we have started shipping out the Kickstarter editions of I Say, HolmesTrieste, etc. Every day, stacks of packages are flooding out our shipping room door at the back of The Little Game Company. Granted, it will take us some weeks still to fulfill every order due to the incredible success of this, our first Kickstarter campaign; but by jingo, the parade has started!

Here’s a look at the batch of games that we sent out yesterday, for example…

In answer to the question, “Will the new edition of I Say, Holmes! be released to stores?,” the answer is: Yes, but that will occur after every Kickstarter order has been filled, so expect to see I Say, Holmes! officially released sometime in late August, perhaps.

New Releases on the Horizon

This summer should once again be busy with new game releases as our focus moves from development to manufacturing. Here are some of the biggest blips on the radar right now (but rest assured, there are more):

Tenka: Shogun

Tenka Shogun Edition: We’ve updated this game for the Kickstarter campaign and will be releasing it soon (along with the new edition of I Say, Holmes!). The complete preview (with pictures) is here, but suffice it for this report that in this new version of Scott Muldoon’s classic you will be able to accommodate up to eight players now (instead of just four), with new elements of diplomacy in battles, tournament play rules, lots of new special cards, and much more.

Imperial Stars II: Designer Chris Taylor’s sci-fi universe which includes Astra Titanus and Forlorn: Hope now grows with another new (and completely different) game, Imperial Stars II. This is a tight little 4-X game for two players lasting about 90 minutes as the last two human civilizations burst out to the stars and vie for the reaches of space. In the best Chris Taylor tradition, there’s a set of great core mechanics rich with fascinating gameplay experiences and paths to success.

Trifecta: Trifecta, from Zoran Dobrijevic, is a fast, competitive game made specifically for two players. Work your way to victory or spend your turns foiling your opponent just as they think they have a winning row. Players take turns back and forth adding one card at a time to each of six rows. Be the first to complete three successful rows of cards and victory is yours!

Dauntless dive bomberDixon to Carrier: Scratch One Flattop: We’re going to be posting a nice preview article with pictures on this game soon, but this light wargame is a one- to four-player cooperative experience for U.S. Dauntless dive bomber pilots trying to clear the skies, search out the Hōshō, and sink her before she destroys your carrier at The Battle of the Coral Sea. Guaranteed fun to play with the younger generation, spouses, etc., Scratch One Flattop can turn any group of goodhearted grumpy grognards into happy excited kids again.

Putin Pressure on Ukraine: Designer Brian Train has his first design with us which he originally published as a print-and-play game. This is a simulation of maneuver and pressure (political, economic, and military) rather than a straight force-on-force wargame. The international dance for prestige and resources over the territories of the Ukraine (and its neighbors) today is a fascinating study in current events in the guise of a clever simulation.

Bailén 20: Series developer Lance McMillian is putting the finishing touches on the Napoleonic 20 v4.0 rules set (see article here). Our first release with these updated Series rules will be a twin pack featuring two games from the Peninsular War, starring the Battle of Bailén. We’re doing a lot behind the scenes preparing games for the Nappy 20 Series, and in particular trying to help GMT’s next quadrigame, Rising Glory hit its P-500 numbers to get that ball rolling!

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