Yaah! #10 (with issue game “Steamroller – Tannenberg 1914”) is now on Sale

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Yaah! #10 (with issue game “Steamroller – Tannenberg 1914”) is now on Sale

By Flying Pig Staff:

Yaah! 10 Now shipping. Download the PDF or get the professionally printed magazine, with die-cut counters, here.

This issue’s game looks like a great place to start. Hermann Luttmann’s Steamroller is a highly playable (and when we say ‘highly playable” we mean “fun as hell”), tense, operational look at 1914’s pivotal Tannenberg campaign.

If you “read it for the articles,” we’ve got you covered. Nick O’Neill visits a galaxy far, far away with his take on popular Star Wars: Rebellion, while Deborah Malmud dives deep into VPG’s gorgeous new 2nd edition of Nemo’s War. Roger Leroux gets up close with Urban Ops, newcomer Keith Beason scrutinizes The Fall of the Third Reich, and John Burtt takes a look at Bloody Dawns.
It’s not Yaah! without the scenarios, right? We’ve got the second part of Chuck Turnista’s fascinating King Arthur scenarios for Command and Colors: Ancients, an exclusive setup for Space Cadets: Away Missions by Tom Russell, a Sticks and Stones scenario pulled from Mark H. Walker’s Dark War: Retribution from the designer himself, to name but a few.

Click here for more information, or to order your own copy.

[ I developed “Steamroller – Tannenberg 1914,”  Hermann designed it and Tim Allen was its artist. If you liked its twin: “Race to the Sea – 1914” by the same gang,  you’ll love this game. It was a blast testing. – Fred]

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