Yaah! Magazine – A Broadgaming Way First Look

Fred Manzo April 15, 2015 0
Yaah! Magazine – A Broadgaming Way First Look

By Fred Manzo

Hi, all:

I just received the premier issue of a new gaming magazine, Yaah! which carries the sub-title “No-Hold-Barred War and Strategy Gaming.” It’s a full color magazine consisting of 60 pages of content and includes in this issue two games: “A Hill Near Hasting” and “Stamford Bridge” Each game shares one side of a 11″ by 17″ map and includes one sheet of counters, for a total of 88 counters covering both games. Both use a hex-and-counter mechanic.

The magazine’s contents are broken down into four sections:

1. Set-Up (of the magazine)

2. Games We Love: including articles on

Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition,

Command and Colors: Napoleonics,

State of Siege Game Series from VPG,

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing, and

Campaign Commander Volume I: Road to Stalingrad and Rivet Wars: Eastern Front.

 3. Scenarios for

Rivet Wars,

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing, and


4. This Issues Games:

The magazine, which is published by Flying Pig Games, also includes a 6 page article on the games subject called “A Tale of Two Harrys”  plus the two games.

Stamford Bridge” rules run 5 pages plus a players aid page. They include 3 pages of series rules and 2 pages of game specific rules. The game is designed by Tom Russell.

The second game, “A Hill Near Hastings” is also designed by Tom Russell. It consists of 1 page of rules and 1 page of player aids.

I’ll try to get an in-depth review of the issue and the games out as soon as possible, but we are overwhelmed with projects just now.

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