Only 2 weeks to FatDog ! (The Friday After Thanksgiving Day of Gaming)

Harvey Mossman November 14, 2014 0
Only 2 weeks to FatDog ! (The Friday After Thanksgiving Day of Gaming)

By Harvey Mossman 

Hello everyone!

Yes, that’s right.  There are only 14 more days until FaTDoG. If you have not yet purchased your ticket, please do as soon as possible as we will soon be printing out the name badges and you must be registered to get a badge.  You can purchase your ticket at by clicking the BUY TICKET button in the left margin of the home page of the website.

Here is your FaTDoG checklist.

1.  Bring your printed ticket.  You can’t get in without your ticket!

2.  Bring games you want to play!  We do not yet have a game library that allows you to borrow games.  That’ll be something we will consider in the future.  So please don’t forget to bring games you want to play.

3.  Bring money so you can participate in the great items we have in our game raffle (both historical boardgames and euro games).  Also for the first time at FaTDoG we have some game vendors this year.  Again both historical boardgames and euro games will be sold at big discounts.

4.  Bring games, books and miniatures that you want to sell in the fleamarket.  Once again we will be doing the fleamarket as before where you lay out your items with a price attached to the various games.  You can leave a contact phone number so that you can play games without staying right by the fleamarket.  And if someone is interested in your game games, he will call you and you can negotiate the deal.

5.  Bring friends!  The more the merrier.

6.  It’s not too late to sign up for game events.  Just check our website under the appropriate menu category off games you like to play and see what events are scheduled.  It is not necessary to sign up as there is plenty of open gaming.

7.  Just relax and have fun.  That’s what FaTDoG is all about.  Each year we tried to improve FaTDoG so it is the type of game convention you want.  Some of the highlights this year include:

Designers Corner – we will have game designers showing their upcoming designs and you can playtest them.

Euro game row – that’s right, special place for gamers who enjoy euro games in the main hall.

Fatal Choices book signing – Author Seth Owen will be signing his new book, fatal choices about the World War I naval battles of Cornel and the Falklands.  He will be selling his book at a discounted be happy to autograph for you.

Art show by David Miller – David Miller is a fantastic graphic artist and he will bring some of his artwork to display.  He says that he is willing to sell anything for the right price!  To make him an offer.

The FaTDoG raffle – this year we will not be spending a lot of time announcing the winners.  We will simply post the winners and you can pick up your games anytime after the raffle.  This makes more time for gaming!

The FaTDoG fleamarket

The FaTDoG Commissary – vendors selling games,

Circus Maximus – David Miller’s popular Ben Hur style chariot racing in miniature!  If you want to participate don’t forget to sign up for this.

So have a great Thanksgiving.  We are all looking forward to seeing you at FaTDoG!


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