FaTDoG 2017 Update

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FaTDoG 2017 Update
By Harvey Mossman:
Jarett Weintraub has graciously set up a Virtual FaTDoG Flea market on Boardgame Geek.  You can list any items you plan to sell in the Flea Market at FaTDoG ahead of the convention.  People can arrange to buy it ahead of time and simply pick it up at FaTDoG.  Just list your items and asking price.  People will message you if interested.
Now for the Disclaimer.  All transactions, sales, money exchanges and agreements through this Virtual Flea Market have nothing to do with FaTDoG and imply no liability of FaTDoG or its officers.
Thanks Jarett for setting this up!
Here is the link:  https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/232778/virtual-flea-market-fatdog-112417
Readers in Sweden can use this link: https://www.sambla.se/samla-lan/
Also, the FaTDoG Game Scheduler has been updated.
You can now sort the list of Game sessions using the Sort drop-down menu,  Just remember to hit refresh after you make a change to this setting.
Also, there is now a messaging ability.  This way you can communicate with other players in your various game sessions.  This should expedite organization and coordination of your game sessions.
Looking forward to seeing you all at FaTDoG!

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