Flying Pig Games Update

Fred Manzo September 4, 2016 0
Flying Pig Games Update

By the Staff of Flying Pig:
Hi Everyone,

Wanted to give a quick update.

OST Volume II. Once again, I wanted to thank you all for your support.

’65 Squad Level Combat. All the “Get it Now” pledge levels have been shipped and

We received the hard copy proofs for the base game on Tuesday. They look good, but
need the usual tweaking. Final art for the stretch goals also arrived last week. We
are still testing ANZAC, Marine, and solitaire scenarios. With luck, we will have all
that in to the printers mid-Septemberish.

’65 PDF download. I’ve been promising this pledge level for two weeks. I’m late. I
apologize. Everyone will have it before September 9th. We have decided to send it to
ALL pledgers via Kickstarter, so stay alert for a Kickstarter email/update.

Old School Tactical. We screwed up the Australian orders, but it is now sorted. They
will ship from Games Capital in Canberra begininning Monday September 5th.

OST Volume I is sold out. Sorta. Looks like a handful are turning up in the warehouse.
If so, we’ll announce that. We also have nine slightly damaged copies in Europe. If
you are in the EU email us at if you want one for a discount. We still have a limited quantity of the Stalingrad expansion. We are studying our reprint options, but currently don’t have definitive plans.

Yaah #7. Looks like we will have Yaah! #7 at the printer on September 9th. Not gonna
lay down promo words here, but it’s a good one and it comes with the THICKER counters
(a full 55pts).

“I haven’t got my order.” If anyone falls into this category email us at

“Something’s damaged!” Sorry, again, the fastest way is to email staff.

“Mark sucks!” Yep, I know I suck, but if you were a fly on my shoulder for a week,you
might be amazed at how hard I try not to, and how much I empathize with my fellow
gamers and customers. Nevertheless, if you must tell us how much Mark sucks, send your
email to .

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