“Invaders from Dimension X!” rulebook now on the web

Hermann Luttmann September 21, 2015 0
“Invaders from Dimension X!” rulebook now on the web

By Hermann Luttmann:

“…Invaders From Dimension X! is a solitaire game depicting battles between the crack 124th Galactic Marine Raider Battalion (nicknamed “The Old Reprobates”) of the Unified Space Alliance Defense Force and the invading “pods” of a mysterious alien race, commonly known as the Kay’otz (roughly translated as “The Cosmic Mother’s Infestation Containment Bureau”). These invading aliens crossed from another dimension (christened “Dimension X” by the military) after a wormhole research team from Outpost Skylar, located on the volcanic planet of Brea 7, accidentally “drilled” into their world. Oddly, Kay’otz laws of physics and mental logic are not the same as those of the human races inhabiting the Milky Way galaxy. Thus, this dimensional confluence causes the aliens to seemingly move and fight in a random and chaotic manner. The only consistency Marine generals have discerned is one strange tendency: the Kay’otz use the same set of battle tactics in the same frequency in nearly every engagement. This is akin to them following a scrambled-up playbook of strategies and is the only factor that makes them somewhat predictable. One other recent discovery (based on an intercepted and translated communiqué) is that the Kay’otz are absolutely determined to eradicate the human race from this dimension. When the aliens discovered that human weaponry can actually kill Kay’otz warriors, they became frenzied. It turns out that Kay’otz warfare is comparatively “civilized” on their home world of Nela’mit. Enemy warriors are rarely killed but are instead “neutralized”. Stunned and paralyzed prisoners are gathered up and kept in huge enclaves, to be used as slave labor or for scientific research. Ironically, humans naturally consider such practices to be even more barbaric than death on the battlefield! Therefore, the war has become a truly desperate struggle between two very different and very determined foes….”

“The game has two maps (front and back on one map sheet), 88 very cool counters, one Kay’otz Activation Chit sheet and a 12-page rulebook.

Game Design by Hermann Luttmann

Developed by Fred Manzo

Artwork by Tim Allen”

Invaders from Dimension X ! rules.


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