MMP’s “Operation Mercury: Invasion of Crete” now on Pre-Order

Fred Manzo November 18, 2015 0
MMP’s “Operation Mercury: Invasion of Crete” now on Pre-Order
Now On Pre-Order! 
Operation Mercury
GTS 2.0!

“For the first time there had stood against us a brave and relentless opponent on a battleground which favoured him.”
Baron von der Heydte,
Fallschirmjager Battalion Commander
“Of course, General you know that after Crete we shall never do another Airborne operation. The parachute arm is one that relies entirely on surprise. That surprise factor has now exhausted itself…the day of the Paratroops is over.”
Adolf Hitler

The German invasion of Crete in May 1941 stands as a landmark in the history of airborne warfare. Up until that point, airborne operations were tactical operations to seize key objectives in advance of the ground forces. The German invasion of Crete (codenamed Operation Merkur) was the first strategic airborne operation.

Operation Mercury would serve as a turning point in modern paratroop operations. While German leadership remained convinced the cost was too high, Allied leaders were impressed with the potential of airborne operations.

Operation Mercury includes:

  • Grand Tactical Series Rulebook 2.0 (36 pages, color)
  • Operation Mercury Exclusive Rules (56 pages, color)
  • Rules Summary (16 pages, B&W)
  • Operation Mercury TRC/TEC set (2 cards, color)
  • Operation Mercury Divisional Charts set (4 cards, color)
  • Operation Mercury Off-Map Display (1 card, color)
  • Five 22″ x 34″ maps
  • Two 17″ x 22″ maps
  • Two 8-1/2″ x 11″ maps
  • Eight countersheets (5/8″)
  • Four 10-sided dice
  • One 3″ box & lid (*Note: this is our standard 3″ box and is not the same style of box used for The Devil’s Cauldron, Where Eagles Dare, and The Greatest Day).
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