Noble Knight to Run Sale

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Noble Knight to Run Sale

By Staff of Noble Knight

Hello everyone, 

In case you are not aware our massive Spring sale is on now, with almost everything at least 10% off, and thousands of older products marked down even further. The sale is approximately half over. Almost everything from new, to clearance, rare, used, every single product is at least 10% off now for a limited time. We also have our usual flat $2.95 up to no more than $9.95 shipping in the USA, as well as various low cost international shipping options you can combine with the sale, our .01 freebie items, and if you have store credit (or want to trade in for some) that is useable during our sale as well. The reason I say “almost everything” this time, is a few select manufacturers did complain that our prices were just too low per pricing restrictions they have in place, so we did have to mark a few off of the sale. 

We also have our usual weekly update below, featuring the majority of the new items that have come in over the last week. To view a better version of the update than email can provide, as well as the full list, feel free to follow the red link below. We invite your questions, comments and feedback at any time. 

Happy gaming, 
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Role Playing Games this week include: 

  • Advanced Fighting Fantasy – Heroes Companion
  • Warhammer 40k Only War – Shield of Humanity
  • Thunderscape Campaign Setting for Aden
  • Character Options for Monte Cook’s Numenera
  • Rats in the Walls (Limited GaryCon Edition) for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (only a few available)
  • Several new retro 1st Edition modules from Pacesetter including the Monster & Treasure – Level Six Assortment (still waiting for #5)
  • GM’s Miscellany volumes, collector’s editions, and more Pathfinder from Raging Swan Press
  • A set of rare Earthdawn Journal’s
  • New very bargain priced Dragon Magazine lots and runs

For Miniatures & Miniatures Games we have in: 

  • British Starter Pack for AE-WWII
  • New 7TV Miniatures including a Villians Program Guide, box sets, and much more
  • Apocalypse War Zone – Valedor, Cadian Defence Force, and much more from Games Workshop
  • New Dropzone Commander, Impact’s Elfball, Legendary Realm’s Terrain
  • A nice selection of new Outlaw Wild West Exodus miniatures
  • New Sci-Fi terrain from Plast-Craft Games
  • West Wind Empire of the Dead Characters and more
  • Deadpool, X-Men Days of Future Past, The Simpsons, and more pre-painted figures from Wizkids
  • A nice selection of now failry rare Rackham Confrontation figures
  • Great Escape Games Dead Man’s Hand minis
  • New Vallejo paints and sets
  • If you haven’t had the chance, and are a fan of Games Workshop, check out our loose miniature inventory on the site. We have added hundreds of lots, and continue to almost daily from our backlog of trade ins, and each product features a unique picture of exactly what you would receive. Some are painted (many skillfully), assembled, etc.

For new Collectible & Living Card Games we have: 

  • Game of Thrones Chapter Pack #8 – Fire Made Flesh
  • Primal Origin Boosters for Yu-Gi-Oh
  • A huge new selection of Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh singles

For Board, Card & War Games this week: 

  • Romance of the Nine Empires – Arcane Fire from AEG
  • Advanced Squad Leader Lion of Judah, Tips for ASL Tankers, Behind Utah Beach, Ponyri Monster, DZ Normandy and much more from Critical Hit. We’ve worked with Critical Hit to also get a number of reprints of previously way out of print and rare materials to offer you at great pricing. Watch the page and future updates as we add a significant amount of these to the page.
  • Dust Tactics new miniature box sets, pro-painted miniatures, accessories and more
  • Blue Moon Legends from Fantasy Flight
  • Oath of the Outcast Expansion for Descent
  • Pirates & Bounty Hunters Expansion for Firefly
  • Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam 2nd Edition from Lock ‘n Load
  • Revolver Bundle from Stronghold, featuring all the Revolver products at a great new price
  • The series of wargame Battle Packs from Two Buck Games
  • Victory Point’s Mound Builders, The South Shall Rise Again and a large restock. I’m trying to change this, but it appears that the ziplock titles may no longer be available from VPG. We do still have a decent selection remaining.

Please click here to view the FULL update with descriptions and links!

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