Obscure Battles: Leuthen 1757

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Obscure Battles: Leuthen 1757

By Jeff Berry

Leuthen 1757

Seven Years War

December 5, 1757

Prussians under Frederick II, approximately 39,000 and 125 guns
Austro-Imperial Forces under Prince Charles of Lorraine, approximately 55,000 and 202 guns

Weather: Cold and clear after a morning fog. Clouding over late in the afternoon as a new front of snow moved in. Fresh dusting of light snow already covered frozen ground.

Sunset: 15:55

Location:51°8′N 16°48′E On Google Maps search for the present day village of Lutynia in Poland, about 16 km west of Wroclaw (formerly Breslau).
Leuthen 1757 - 3

This map shows the main movements during the morning, from 08:00 to about 13:00. – Obscure Battles

Author’s Note: Here is another one of those battles which (like Blenheim) is not so obscure (at least to aficionadi of 18th century European history–my impression is that Gettysburg is obscure to most people, and many have trouble telling you how long the Seven Years War was.). However, I have a take on this otherwise well-known battle that may give some a second look–even if the event itself is not obscure to them.


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