Origins 2015

Fred Manzo June 2, 2015 0
Origins 2015

By Fred Manzo

Well we are off to the Origins Game Fair 2015 tomorrow. We’ll be there through Sunday. Origins isn’t what it use to be. For example: there are almost no wargames to be seen and that’s sad considering how and why Origins started. Even as late as three or four years ago there was a room set aside for wargamers to gather, but that’s all gone now. Though there are still a few of us who go anyway.

(For wargaming the best conventions are WBC in Lancaster, Pa and Consimworld Expo in Tempe, Az. and we’ll be going to them both, at least for this year.)

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PS: We had a good time at Origins, but there were almost no wargames present. I myself never saw even one hex-and-counter game being played. Harvey saw one. And that’s it. Now, I don’t begrudge Euros taking up 50, 60 or even 90 percent of a convention, but 99.999 percent seems a little unbalanced to me. As I’m already thinking of cutting down on the number of conventions I go to, Origins is now sadly one of the ones I may miss.

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