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Sale: Strategy and Tactics Press – Briefing Room

 By Strategy and Tactics Staff: 

WW42 Preview Article Sample

Field Marshal von Rundstedt

in Normandy

 By Gilberto Villahermosa

Born in 1875 and commissioned into the infantry in 1892, Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt came from the Prussian aristocracy and was a model officer. A graduate of the prestigious Kriegsakademie (War Academy), he served as a staff officer on both the eastern and western fronts, and he rose to the rank of chief of staff of a corps during the First World War. He was twice recommended for the Pour Le Mérite, Prussia’s highest decoration.

After the war he was retained in the Reichswehr, the armed forces of the Weimar Republic, where he’d attained the rank of lieutenant general by the time Hitler came to power in 1933. Though he constantly disparaged the Fuehrer privately, von Rundstedt displayed unwavering support and loyalty to him in the professional sense and, indeed, came to be considered by the dictator as being one of his most trustworthy generals.

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  • The German Anti-Partisan War: Analysis of the massive anti-partisan warfare operations carried on by the Germans’ Army Group South in the Ukraine, 1941-44.
  • Food as Strategy: Analysis of the significance of food in the formation of the combatant nations’ grand strategies.

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