“Space Vermin From Beyond!” Playtest Report

Fred Manzo May 23, 2016 0
“Space Vermin From Beyond!” Playtest Report

By Fred Manzo

Space Vermin cover

“Space Vermin From Beyond! will be published by Tiny Battle Games this June. It’s a sequel to Hermann Luttmann’s “Invaders from Dimension X!.” I’m its designer, Hermann is its developer and Tim Allen is its artist. It’s a solitaire game in the style of “Invaders,” including it having a 2 player option.


Space Vermin playtest Terrain Chart May 2016

This is the Terrain Effects Chart on its map. The game comes with 2 maps on one sheet (printed on its front and back) 88 counters, around 12 pages of rules and 2 players aids.


Space Vermin playtest turn 10 May 20

Here is an example of play in mid-game. The map and the counters used are not the final version, but they are very close. Click to enlarge.


Space Vermin Playtest May 2016

In this turn the old 124th Galactic Marine Raider Battalion, in blue, are still holding out in “New Lancaster.” But the Vermite hordes are coming.


Space Vermin playtest end game 1

Unfortunately, the Galactic Marine player lost this playtest. Those Vermites are tough. They ended up in control of 4 of the 5 Crown Jewels and wiped out around 75 percent of the Galactic Marine battalion. Click to enlarge.


Space Vewrmin vermin counters final with BURP correction May 2016.

Here is a sample of the proposed countersheet. There are 88 die cut counters printed on both sides.


Space Vermin backcover

Here is the proposed back cover. Click to enlarge.

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