Star Realms Variant: Star Bank Investments (SBI)

Mitch Freedman July 13, 2018 0
Star Realms Variant: Star Bank Investments (SBI)

                    Star Bank Investment Prospectus

By Mitch Freedman and John Desmond:

In an age of galactic war and racial strife, the Star Bank offers what no other investment opportunity can bring you, absolute security for your funds, It is not cheap, but what you get is priceless – any funds you invest are yours to use at any time and nothing – absolutely nothing – can take them away from you.

Attacks by your enemies can be shielded by outposts, investment opportunities in your hand can be removed by your opponents, but resource capital invested in the Star Bank is yours to use on any turn, forever.

Here is what we do. You can invest any sum you wish, from one to eighteen economic resources, on any of your turns. If a single scout gives you one credit, you can just invest it. Nothing else to buy, nothing to lose.

You can recall those credits any time you wish. You will get two credits back for every three you have invested. The other credit goes to cover our considerable expenses in trading with the Blobs, the Trade Federation, the Machine Cult and the Star Empire itself. The rate of exchange is, at times, exorbitant.

It is not cheap, but the money can be used at any time. Invest fully with 18 credits, and you get back 12, enough to buy the largest battleship or the most expensive outpost.

Once you have spent down some of your credits, you are of course free to invest again.

The Star Bank will not approve withdrawals unless there is a full three credits to take out two. This means you must deposit three credits to make your first withdrawal. It is normally our policy not to allow Star Bank investors to take out loans against future investments, but exceptions may be made if such a loan is approved by all our other investors at the time a loan is requested.

In such a case, the interest rate will be one extra credit per withdrawal. You will pay four credits for every two you owe.

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