WBC 2016

Other August 10, 2015 2
WBC 2016

By Fred Manzo

I heard that WBC is moving from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Silver Springs, Pennsylvania next year. Silver Springs is 70 miles southeast of Pittsburg and was picked to draw in the Ohio gaming crowd. But how that will effect the New York and New England gamers remains an open question.

According to rumors the organizers have a 5 year contract with a one year opt out clause. There is also suppose to be a shuttle that runs from Pittsburg to the convention center (at a cost of $20.). The downside is that it’s a winter ski resort. So, if you don’t have a car you’ll be locked into getting breakfast, lunch and dinner at a resort and paying resort prices. I’ve heard a few people say “I’ll try it once, but if it’s not s super experience I wouldn’t be going there again,” which does seem to create something of a risk for the organizers, who must commit to the full five year contract after only ONE year. So we’ll see how all these convention moves turn out.



  1. Craig January 5, 2016 at 8:24 pm -

    fred, I think you have location confused….
    Silver Springs is some 240 miles from Pitts….
    Only a few miles WNW of Lancaster….

    Given how much time I’m spending in this part of the world, I was thinking of going this year….

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