A Pictorial View of Fatdog 2017

Fred Manzo November 16, 2018 0
A Pictorial View of Fatdog 2017

By Fred Manzo: 

                                  Some 2017 Fatdog pictures:

Designer Hermann Luttmann receiving an award. Hermann recently designed “Longstreet Attacks, the Second day at Gettysburg” from Revolution Games and “At Any Cost: Metz 1870” from GMT. The gentleman with the microphone is Dr. Harvey Mossman the founder of Fatdog


Fatdog includes Miniatures, wargaming, and Euro sections.


Designer Mark Herman receiving an award. He recently designed “Fort Sumter: the Secession Crisis 1860-1861” and “Pericles” for GMT


A racing game being conducted.


Mark Herman playing his Pericles game from GMT.


There were about 140 attendees in 2017.


Fatdog includes a vendor area and a raffle area.


The main gaming hall at Fatdog 2017


That is Colby Duerk on the right (“Attack of the 50-foot Colossi).

Another view of the main gaming hall.


A view of the Raffle section at Fatdog 2017


Designer Scott Muldoon at Fatdog 2017. he recently designed Cataclysm: A Second World War for GMT.



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