Fatdog 2018 is only 8 days away!

Harvey Mossman November 16, 2018 0
Fatdog 2018 is only 8 days away!

By Harvey Mossman:

It is only 8 days until FaTDoG 2018! (The Friday After Thanksgiving Day of Gaming)

Here are the vendor list as of today

Against the Odds Magazine will also be bringing Highflying Dice Games for sale

J and R Hobbies of Long Island. These guys always do a great job of bringing a wide selection of games including MultiMan publishing, GMT, and a wide variety of other war game related material.

Ray Weiss of a new company called conflict simulations LLC and he will have 3-5 new games for sale at a discount.

Daniel Miller of Field Marshallen will be there in the afternoon selling some oldies and some rare and collectible games. Dan always finds interesting stuff to bring to FaTDoG

FaTDoG Game Store yes we will have our own little store for you to get discount games!

There may be one or 2 other vendors that will be coming at the last minute. We will fill you in when things have been finalized.

With only 12 days left to FaTDoG 2018 I ask once again that you buy your tickets online as soon as possible so that I can inform the venue of the number of guests attending. This is critical so please help me help you to have a great FaTDoG by buying your tickets now if you think you are going to attend.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-friday-after-thanksgiving-day-of-gaming-tickets-49974392754?ref=wpwidget

Looking forward to seeing everyone at FaTDoG!

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