Forbes: ‘Tide of Iron’ Is A Storm Of Steel

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Forbes: ‘Tide of Iron’ Is A Storm Of Steel

By Michael Peck:

Tide-of-Iron1 Tanks 2

Janko Kene and Eric Neszpaul – Forbes

Toy soldiers are a guilty pleasure. We love them as children and are taught to look down on them as adults. And this is a pity, because something that touches us on such a visceral level must have some value.

Tide of Iron, from 1A Games, taps into our inner child while nurturing our inner tactician. It is a tabletop wargame of World War II tactical combat, and very much a hybrid, with small, plastic soldiers, tanks and guns just like you played with as a kid, except that you played with them on the floor rather than a map overlaid with hexagons…..

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Tide of Iron never released

Never released cover art for Tide of Iron – BGG

Tide of Iron BGG

Tide of Iron sample of play – BGG


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