Lamps proposed map and cards

Fred Manzo March 26, 2015 0
Lamps proposed map and cards

By Fred Manzo

Lamps CP Tech card 1

A sample of the Lamps tech cards. Note the letter and number in the upper left hand corner. Each letter denotes a different branch of the tech tree, while each number is used to show a new refinement. As the game goes on, therefore, tech progress gets easier and more efficient. This is due to the fact that if you draw a “2” card and do not yet have the corresponding “1” card the money you dumped into R and D is wasted. Well, as there are a limited number of cards and as the game progresses all the “1” cards will have already been drawn, just how likely is it that you will waste your R and D money drawing a card you cannot use? Also note that not every member of a coalition is eligible to receive every technological advance. For example: The Flying Circus is only opened to Germany but Synchronized Machine-Guns may be used by Germany and Austria-Hungary. This method insures tech advances only slowly spread through the various members of each alliance.


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lamps map 2

The latest Lamps map. Compass games is aiming to publish Lamps sometimes later this year.


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