October 19, 2015 Update and Sale from GMT Games

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October 19, 2015 Update and Sale from GMT Games
From the GMT Staff: 
Hi guys!
We’ve just completed one of most well-attended Weekends at the Warehouse this past weekend. It was great to see some of you guys there, renew old friendships, and begin some new ones! Thanks to all of you who attended. I hope you all had fun.
Well, just like that, it’s Fall Sale time!  Most of this update will give you details on this year’s sale, which is starting NOW! First, though, I do have a couple of other pieces of news that I want to pass along.

Churchill Sold Out – Now on P500 Reprint List
Thanks to all of you who’ve made Churchill one of our fastest-selling games ever!
We’re now out of stock on this, certainly one of our best games of 2015, and are looking to get it reprinted just as quickly as Tony can make it happen. To that end, we do have the 2nd Printing up on our P500 Reprint List now. If you’d like to get a copy (same components as the original, the only change will be a few small pieces of errata fixed), click the box or link below to go to the Order page.
Thanks again for your support!
Mike Nagel’s CAPTAIN’S SEA Has A New Home at Legion Wargames
I told you guys when we decided to remove CAPTAIN’S SEA from our P500 list that I’d let you know when Mike had a new home for the game. He let us know recently that Legion Wargames will be producing the game. We’re very happy to hear that the game has a new home, and encourage you guys who like the game to support Mike with a Pre-Order over at Legion. Here’s the link to the Game Preorder Page:
2015 GMT Games Fall Sale
Sale Duration: October 19 – October 31, 2015
Sale Details: 20% or 50% off on all IN-STOCK GMT and Vae Victis games(not UGG or ConsimPress or Hexasim) games:
  • All Customers 20% Discount: Everyone automatically qualifies for the 20% discount. Use Coupon Code Fall201520 when you check out from our website.Note: Please DO NOT combine 20% discount items on the same order as 50% discount items (below). Our website won’t handle this and our office ladies will have no choice but to void and reimburse any such orders. So PLEASE don’t combine them – make two separate orders if you’re ordering some items from each discount level!
  • P500 Supporters 50% Discount: For every game that you received via P500 this year from the list below, you may buy ONE in-stock game at a 50% discount. And, because we’re trying to help everyone get a little extra again this year, especially you guys who support us so well in the P500 program, you can add ONE MORE game at 50% as well. So if you received four games from the list below via P500 ordering this year, you could buy FIVE in-stock games at 50% off. The only limit here is how many games you received by P500 order in 2014. To get this discount, use the Fall201550 discount code when you check out . If you happen to be buying some games at 50% and others at 20%, please put them on separate orders so our online cart system doesn’t go crazy on us! Thanks!
Late 2014 Releases and 2015 Releases that Qualify You for the 50% off Special if you Ordered them via P500: (Note that we are allowing you to count games that you have ordered via P500 that are shipping this week, as well. These count for ELIGIBILTY purposes, only – you can’t use the special discount to buy those newest three games (The US Civil War, C&C Napoleonics Expansion 5, and Combat Commander Tournament Battle Pack) or any of the P500 games that are not yet shipping):
Late 2014
Blue Cross, White Ensign
C&C Ancients 5th Printing
C&C Ancients,  Expansions 2/3 Combo
C&C Ancients,  Expansion 4
C&C Ancients,  Expansion 6
Next War Taiwan
2015 Through September 30
1914 Serbian muß 

Combat Commander Tournament Battle Pack
C&C Napoleonics Expansion 5
Empire of the Sun, 2nd Edition
For the People, 3rd Printing
Gathering Storm
Great Battles of Alexander, Expanded Deluxe Ed.
No Retreat 4: The Italian Front
Normandy ’44,  2nd Printing
Paths of Glory, 5th Printing
Pax Romana, 2nd Edition
The US Civil War
Triumph & Tragedy
Ukraine ’43, 2nd Edition
Washington’s War, 2nd Printing
Wilderness War, 2015 Edition
Wing Leader: Victories, 1940-42
Items you can buy with your discounts:
1. Any In-Stock GMT Game (everything we’ve shipped up through September, 2015).
2. Any In-Stock game from Vae Victis.
3. You can also purchase Accessories as one of your “games” – mounted boards, card decks,counter trays, etc, if you just run out of games you want to get.
Please remember that you absolutely CAN use the games on the Specials page as part of these 50% off orders if you wish, thereby creating HUGE discounts on some great games!  So check it out and get some great deals!
PLEASE!!!!!! Please help out our office ladies by using the correct discount codes and not combining 20% and 50% items on one order. THANKS!
We’re thankful to all of you who supported us with game purchases this past year, and especially to those of you who pre-order our games. You guys are the ones who really make our P500 system work for us and help keep us viable financially. So we just want to show our appreciation, as best we can, for your continuing support. As we’ve said many times, P500 is the engine that allows us to produce games; without it and your support we would not have survived to celebrate 25 years of producing so many games that you guys like! So thanks very much for your support – and we hope you enjoy these additional benefits of supporting our P500 program!
Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!
Enjoy the games!

Your Friends at GMT Games

Toll Free Order and Support Line: 800-523-6111
E-mail: gmtoffice@gmtgames.com

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