Revolution Games is now shipping Stonewall’s Sword

Fred Manzo April 17, 2015 0
Revolution Games is now shipping Stonewall’s Sword

By Fred Manzo 

Stonewall's Sword Components_Large

The polybag component’s to Stonewall’s Sword from Revolution Games. The designer is Hermann Luttmann, the art work is by Rick Barber and Charles Kibler, and the developer is some other guy. Click to enlarge the picture.

Revolution Games is shipping Hermann Luttmann’s Stonewall’s Sword: The Battle of Cedar Mountain this week. This game uses the “Blind Sword’ chit pull system that will also be found in GMT’s upcoming “Hammerin’ Sickles: Longstreet Attacks at Gettysburg.” The next game in the Revolution Games series will be on the battle of Pea Ridge. The next game in the GMT series will be the battle of Culp’s Hill (provisionally called “We’re Still Up Here!).

Game Resources:

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