GMT sale !

Fred Manzo April 15, 2016 0
GMT sale !
By the GMT Staff:
Discounts! New Additions to our SPECIALS Page


As of today, we are adding the following eight games to our Specials Page. They’re all really good games, but we currently have too many of these in our warehouse, so we’re giving you guys an opportunity to pick up a copy (or an extra copy) at really great prices.
Here’s the list:
Game                                   Original/Special Price
Twin Peaks                                    $59/$35
Newtown/Oriskany                     $65/$35
Elusive Victory                              $55/$29
1805: Seas of Glory                       $59/$35
Blue Cross/White Ensign             $60/$35
Manoeuvre                                      $55/$29
Stalin’s War                                    $55/$29
Pax Baltica                                     $55/$29
Enjoy the specials! I hope you get some games that will bring you many hours of gaming enjoyment!

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