Official Errata and Clarifications for Labyrinth

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Official Errata and Clarifications for Labyrinth

Labyrinth Errata and Clarifications

Updated April 1, 2011


The following are questions which are frequently asked. These questions are addressed in the body of the rules as written. I post the Q&A here as a convenience to players:

Q. The Event Card says, “Test” a country, but the country already has a marker, do I Test it again?                                     A. NO. Once a country is marked with either a Governance or a Posture marker, ignore future instructions to “Test” that country. See final paragraph of 4.9.4.

Q. I have an Event Card which says I can shift an Adversary to Neutral. Can I use this in an Islamist Rule country?
A. YES, BUT do read rule 7.1.3.

Q. When an event is triggered by an opponent’s card play, may the player associated with the event refuse the event?
A. NO. When an event is triggered by an opponent’s card play, the event MUST be
carried out! Rule 6.3.2 does not provide for the player ‘opting out’ of the triggering of his

Q. How do I handle the FATWA event in a Solitaire game?
A. Easy! Follow these steps: (1) You play FATWA for Event for the Jihadists. (2) Jihadists give the player the top card from his stack per 9.2. (3) Player shuffles his cards [excepting the one just received in step 2], takes a random card from his hand, and places it on top of the Jihadist’s stack. (4) Jihadists then perform a 1OP operation
with the FATWA card, per FATWA Event Text. (5) Because this is a solitaire game, the Bot will get an ADDITIONAL 1OP play since FATWA is an unassociated event, so after resolving the 1OP from the Event, resolve a second 1OP play per the Flowchart.

Q. How does the Oil Price Spike event work?
A. It’s simple really: First, you play the event. Next, dig through the discard pile and find
a card you would like to bring into your hand. Once you’ve made your choice, show the
selected card to your opponent and place it into your hand. You can play the selected
card during a future card-play opportunity. Place the Oil Price Spike event in one of the
Lapsing Event boxes on the map to serve as a reminder that Oil countries’ Resource
Value is increased by +1. Note that if both Oil Price Spike events come up in the same
turn, their Resource Value effects stack–Oil countries have a Resource Value of +2!

Q. What are the “US Disrupted” and “Governance Improved” markers for?
A. These pieces were included late in development as a convenience (we had extra
counter space). Certain events require that players remember that the US disrupted
or that Governance improved in a country. These markers can be used to mark such
occurrences. They are especially useful for when players need to pause the game.

Q. Is the Troops Track considered part of the United States?
A. NO. Not in game terms. Yes, the Troops Track represents the United States in a
sense, but in game terms the Troops on the Troops Track are not considered to be
in the United States. Consequently, events like “Special Forces” cannot be used in
Canada, nor would a Disrupt Operation in the United States yield +1 Prestige (for
presence of Troops).

Q. The Jihadist Player places Plots with his first card. If more Plot markers are placed
with the second card, may the Jihadist player “shuffle” the placed Plot markers to
confuse the US player?
A. YES! For example, the Jihadist player Plots with card 1 using a 1OP card and a level-
1 Plot is placed in the country. Then, with card 2, the Jihadist player plays Martyrdom
Operation and places a level-2 Plot and a level-3 Plot. The Jihadist player may take all
three Plot markers he’s placed in the country, shuffle them up and place them back into
the country so that the US player won’t be able to tell which Plot is the level-1 Plot.

Q. Can an Islamist Rule country receive a Besieged Regime marker?
A. YES! The opposition to the government is on shaky ground should the US decide to
conduct a Regime Change.


4.8.2 Regime Change Markers:
Second Sentence: reference to rule should be to 7.3.1.

Third sentence: Delete, “and remove them from on top of the troop cubes.”

Clarification: “Withdrawal” (7.3.5) is another means by which the restriction on troop
deployment from a Regime Change country is lifted.

5.2.6 Event Lapse and 1st Plot Reset:
Add, “All Lapsing event effects end at this moment.” – War of Ideas in a Muslim Country
CLARIFICATION: The US may conduct War of Ideas in an untested, Muslim country.
This is implicit in 4.9.5. Therefore, reword the first line to read, “A War of Ideas operation
in a Muslim country allows the US side to roll once on the War of Ideas Table to improve a Neutral or untested country’s Alignment or an Ally country’s Governance.”

Change second sentence to read, “The target Muslim country may not be an Adversary.”

7.2.3 – War of Ideas in a Non-Muslim Country:
Since Israel’s posture is fixed at Hard, it is ineligible for War of Ideas. For this reason,
add, “or Israel” after “United States.”

7.3.1 – Deploy:
Add “(See also Withdraw, 7.3.5)”.

7.6 Reassessment:
Clarification: The Posture switch must be carried out.

8.4.4. Islamist Revolution:
Red text should actually be black like the rest of the body of text.

8.5.3. First Plot:
First sentence should read, “The first use each turn of a card for Plot operations
ignores rather than triggers any US-associated event (6.3.2).”

Tip: Always place the first card you execute a Plot Operation with in the 1st Plot box on
the map as a reminder that the Jihadists have conducted their 1st Plot Operation.

1st bullet replace “Fair or Poor” with “worse than Good”., 2nd bullet – Line 1:
“IRAN” should be “Iran” (italics with lower case, indicating the event not the country
space)., 2nd bullet – Line 4:
Change “Good or Fair” to “Good then Fair” (the Jihadist Activities chart is correct)


Page 6:
Right column, top paragraph: Delete the last two sentences which read: “Note that
the “Islamist Resources” marker is not moved to the “0” box yet (there are no longer
any countries on the map under Islamist Rule). This will only take place as a part
of the End of Turn sequence when the Regime Change marker is flipped.” These
statements are not exactly correct. Actually, countries marked with a green RC marker
are reckoned as being under Islamist Rule if the game ends on that turn. The Islamist
Rule Resources marker in the example should be moved to the “0” box following the US RC in Afghanistan.

Page 7:
Paragraph 3 of Jihadist card 1: Reference to the “Fair/Poor Countries” marker should
be “Fair/Good Countries.”

Page 9:
End of turn step 7: Delete the last sentence which reads, “The “Jihadist Resources”
marker is now moved from “1” to “0” on the Victory track since there are no longer any
countries under Islamist Rule and all Regime Change markers are on their tan side.”
See clarification entry for Page 6 (above).

Page 10:
Second Jihadist Action Phase; Card 1: Delete the word “randomly:” “The player flips
the next Jihadist card, which is Amerithrax [2-Jihadist]; the Jihadist-associated event is
playable and occurs: the player randomly discards a card from the US hand, in this case
Enhanced Measures.”

Page 11:
Third Jihadist Action Phase; Card 1: “[2-Jihadist]” should be “[1-Jihadist]”

Third US Action Phase; Card 2: Last sentence should read, “Funding drops from “7”
to “3” and thus from “Ample” to “Tight.”

Page 12:
Fourth Jihadist Action Phase; Card 1: Last sentence should read, “The event occurs,
yielding a Prestige roll: “1” and then “4” and “6” sinks US Prestige to “5”,
to “Medium.”

Page 13:
Fourth Jihadist Action Phase; Card 2; Last sentence of paragraph 2 should read, “Two
cells are Available in the “Moderate” Funding box, but Funding is ‘Tight’ and
GTMO remains in effect, so more Travel will be attempted.

End of Turn; Next to last sentence of paragraph 1 should read, “Funding decreases by
one from “3” to “2”—still at “Tight.”

Playtest Credits:

Unfortunately, we accidentally left Steve Caler off the list. Sorry, Steve! We really
appreciate your feedback and efforts.


#5. NEST (Clarification)
Per event text, play of this event will reveal any WMD Plot in the US. This includes
a WMD Plot which was placed previously during a Jihadist Action Phase. The
word “always” on the card is the key word here.

#29. Tony Blair (Clarification)
The US player must declare all War of Ideas attempts before rolling for any of them.

#57. Abu Sayyaf (Clarification)
Per event text, the mere PLACEMENT of a Plot will, if Cells in Philippines > Troops,
inflict a -1 Prestige hit on the US per Plot PLACED. The Plots DO NOT need to be
unblocked to achieve this effect. Note also that if Troops are in the Region, and the
Plots are unblocked, 8.5.6 (Prestige paragraph) will apply and thus, the US would suffer
another -1 Prestige hit for that Plot (once for PLACEMENT per Abu Sayyaf; and once for
resolving the unblocked Plot in a country with Troops).
Jihadist Player Aid Card

The right and left panels are reversed. This has no impact whatsoever on gameplay.

Player Aid Cards
Unblocked Plots Section:
Plots in Non-Muslim Countries Clarification: There is a -1 Prestige effect if the Plot
is resolved in a Non-Muslim country with Troops (this, in accord with 8.5.6 Prestige
paragraph). (Note: there is only one circumstance in which this can happen and that
is in the Philippines when the Abu Sayyaf event is in play.) See also note on card #57

Solitaire Victory Conditions:
Reword the Jihadist Solitaire Victory Conditions to read, “…6 Islamist Resources is
jihadist win (adjacency not required)…”


Background borders are incorrect for former Soviet Union, Balkans, Eritrea, and the Suez
Canal. This has NO impact whatsoever on gameplay.

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