February 9, 2015 Update from GMT Games

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February 9, 2015 Update from GMT Games

gmt-logo 1By the Staff of GMT 

Hi guys! We have quite a lot of news  this month, including three new P500 items, a few P500 deletions, (and one game that we’ve given a “make or break” deletion deadline), some digital news, and an update on our Production Outlook. So let’s start with some general (bad) production news.


West Coast Port Issues Worsen
Unfortunately, the problems at West Coast portsseem to be getting worse – with a complete stoppage this past weekend. We have a very large shipment (all those reprints!) that have been sitting at anchor and (we think) on the docks over the past several weeks and are still uncertain of exactly when we’ll see delivery. All of the contacts Tony talks with are frustrated by the continuing delays, as are we, but at this point, we seem to have very little control over when those game pallets will get loaded onto the trucks and on their way to our warehouse. Once they arrive, we will turn and ship the games within a few days, but for now, we’re sorry, but we just don’t know exactly when they’ll arrive. As soon as we know, we’ll let you guys know.


We also have the Deluxe Alexander and Diadochoiand Phalanx shipment on the way, and we expect at this point that we’re going to have the same problems with that shipment. So we’re holding off charging until we at least know they’re on the dock. We’ll let you know charge dates on those as soon as we get more definitive info on the arrival dates. As you might expect, these delays are affecting our entire production schedule, pushing almost everything back a bit. We’re adding an extra month or two to our lead times for “turn in dates” for games that we are producing overseas until we see some kind of normalization of the port situation, so you’ll see a lot of games moved back a month or two in our production queue as a result. See the Production Update below for details.


P500 Thinking, Deletions, and a Deadline

Several of you have asked why we haven’t put a lot of new games on the P500 list over the past few months. The answer is that Tony and I think the list is large enough as is, so we are trying to add new games to the list in equal (or close) measure to the new P500 titleswe ship, thereby keeping the list roughly the same size. Over the past few months, we’ve shipped mostly reprints (including the coming batch), so I haven’t wanted to increase the size of the new game list. This month, though, we are adding two new games (including a completely new edition of our first game) and a new expansion module, which essentially keep the list size static considering the two new games we shipped in December and the games we are removing from P500 this time. Speaking of which…

P500 Deletions:

We are deleting the following games from the Reprint section of the P500 list, based either on designer request or lack of orders:

Infidel Reprint

Successors Reprint

The Spanish Civil War Reprint

We’re also deleting Rising Glory from the list. It’s unusual, but does happen sometimes that we delete a game that’s over 500. In this case, the Nappy 20 series is a core game line for our friends at VPG, and the length of our queue to get the quad versions of these games into production and published (in the case of Rising Glory) and reprinted and back on sale (in the case of Fading Glory) was causing some difficulties for the series. Unfortunately, we just never had really strong P500 numbers for these games, so it was tough for us to give them higher priority.

So I asked Alan at VPG if it wouldn’t be easier for us to just give them these games back and let VPG run with them (VPG has upgraded the Nappy 20 system to v4.0 rules and really improved their graphics for these games). That way, VPG doesn’t have to wait for us to keep the Nappy 20 series in production. Alan agreed that would probably be the best thing. So, that’s the news, guys. Victory Point Games has the Nappy 20 series back now. My understanding is that they will be adding theRising Glory games into their publishing queue soon. If you are interested in getting the Rising Glory games, check out the next VPG newsletter for more information on their plans.

If you had an order for any of these now-deleted P500 games, those orders were automatically deleted when we deleted the games from our P500 list.

One Game with a Deadline:

The order #s to date for WBC: The Boardgame(157 so far) have us wondering whether you guys really have any interest in this game. Rather than delete it outright, though, we talked with Bryan Collars, the designer, and we’ve all agreed to give the game one last window of opportunity on P500. So if the game doesn’t have at least 400 orders by April 1, we’re going to delete it.

We still think this is a really good game, but we don’t want to keep a game on the list if it doesn’t garner a lot of interest. So if you want to see us print WBC: The Boardgame, please get your order in before April 1. Thanks!


1714: The Case of the Catalans

We do still have some copies of this cool game in our warehouse! We invite you to check out the info and player comments on our 1714: The Case of the Catalans game page, and if you like what you see, get your order in soonest, as I think we are one of just a few that have any existing English-language stock on this game, and I don’t think there’s a restock coming anytime soon.


Digital Games Update

We’re currently doing in-house testing on three digital products based on latest builds from our development partners:

  • Twilight Struggle 
  • Dominant Species
  • Space Empires 

I can’t give you guys a lot of details on functionality at this point (NDAs), but based on what we’ve seen so far, I think these games will release in the order above. i.e. Twilight Struggle is the furthest along, and Space Empires is a very early build with most of the game functionality built in but only programmer placeholder art in the game at this point. Dominant Species is somewhere in between the two, but I have to say that it does have a functional AI that is already quite a lot better than what we had in the original version of the game, and it’s only going to get better before release as Chad and Kai and soon other testers pound on it.

There’s no info about the TS game here that Gary or Randy haven’t already disclosed (see below) so I can tell you that I’ve been having a lot of fun (er, I mean REALLY WORKING HARD :-)) lately testing Twilight Struggle with my son Luke, who is studying abroad this semester. So he’s on a different continent running Twilight Struggle on his MacBook and I’m swapping back and forth between my PC and my iPad (the game is platform agnostic, so you can pick up your latest game from any of your devices, as long as you own the game on that device) and we’re refighting the cold war from almost 6,000 miles apart. We play both synchronous and asynchronous games (the latter really helps when you’re in radically different time zones), sometimes both in the same game, and they are SMOOTH. The more I play, the more impressed I am with what Playdek is creating. MAN, I’m going to love being able to play this with friends all over the world when it’s ready – but for now being able to hang out with my son over online games of TS is just really cool.

Over the coming weeks and months, to keep you guys up to date with the digital game  progress and also to respect our NDA requirements, I’m going to be inviting our development partners to post updates themselves through our InsideGMT blog, so they can give you guys whatever details they are comfortable releasing. We’ve already done this a couple times with Playdek.  If you haven’t seen their updates, here are two recent updates from Playdek, the first from Randy in InsideGMT and on Kickstarter, and the second from Gary in response to a bunch of questions from Kickstarter backers. Here are the links:

Twilight Struggle Digital Version Update

Answers from Gary Weis on Kickstarter (just scroll down the page to the Comments section and read the last one I posted with Gary’s answers – interesting stuff.)

Sometime soon, I’ll have an InsideGMT article from our friends at GameTheory to update you onDominant Species development. Hopefully we’ll be able to get you guys at least monthly updates after that.

That’s all for now on the digital front.


This Month in InsideGMT!

We’ve updated our spring event calendar on our InsideGMT blog this month, so please take a look (right side on the main blog page, about 2/3 down the page) if you want to find out which conventions and events we’ll be attending over the coming months. For you designers and developers, if there are events that you’ll be attending that aren’t listed on our calendar, or if you’re attending one of our listed events and want to get your name and events added, just drop me a note and I’ll take care of it. We’ve also recently added a “Designers BlogRoll” link that points you to several blogs that our designers update on a regular basis.

Here’s a look at our most recentInsideGMT articles:

Space Empires: Replicators – Resource Cards

Rendering Caesar’s COIN (Part II of II)

Silver Bayonet Archival Material, Part I

Twilight Struggle Digital Version Update

Silver Bayonet: The 25th Anniversary Edition

Next War Taiwan Scenario: Invasion

Next War Korea Scenario: Regime Change
As always,  I  invite you guys to head over towww.insidegmt.com, check out the articles, leave us your comments, and tell us what else you’d like to see us do to make our InsideGMT blog even better!


GMT Weekend at the Warehouse 

 Just a reminder that we have set the dates for the Spring Weekend at the Warehouse for April 23-26, 2015.

For more info, check out the GMT Weekend at the Warehouse Event Page on our InsideGMT blog.

We hope to see many of you next Spring in Hanford!


That’s it for the news bytes for this time. Here’s what you’ll find in the rest of today’s update:

– Charge and Shipping Update

– Production Outlook

– New P500s

– P500 Reprint Update

– Website File Additions

Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!


Enjoy the games!


Charging and Shipping Schedule


Shipping:As I noted above, we’re expecting the big reprint shipment very soon, but we’re uncertain of the exact timing due to difficulties getting the games into and out of the west coast ports. We certainly hope that we’ll be shipping the following games within a week or two.

Thunder Alley – 2nd Printing
We also should be able to ship C3i Issue 28 by the end of February and 1914, Serbien muß sterbien in early March.
Charging:  We’ll begin charging for C3i Issue 28 this Thursday, February 12. We’ll begin charging for 1914, Serbien muß sterbien on Tuesday, February 17th.
If you have a P500 order for either of these items, please double-check your online account to make sure your credit card info is up to date before Thursday. Also, if you use the “Pay by Check” option for P500, please send your checks by February 12 or February 17th, respectively. Thanks!

Tentative Production  Schedule


Here’s our most current Tentative Production Schedule:


Mid-Late February 2015:
Thunder Alley – 2nd Printing
Battle Line Reprint
March 2015:
Great Battles of Alexander (Expanded Dlx Ed.) 
All of the Twilight Struggle Kickstarter items

April  2015

Normandy ’44 Reprint

Ukraine ’43 2nd Edition 

May, 2015:

Wilderness War Reprint

June 2015

New P500s

We’re adding three new items to the P500 list this time:

Click on the images below or the links above to get to the P500 page for more info, and please add these to your P500 order list today!

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